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PG Shoring and Drilling offers drilling services in addition to heavy equipment services for most commercial and residential projects.

The drilling experts at PG Shoring and Drilling are able to select applicable foundation support based on economy of selection, ground conditions, load capacity, proximity of other structures, and installation constraints.


PG Shoring and Drilling can also drill for caisson placement of up to 100 feet. Caissons are deep foundation supports consisting of reinforced concrete cast in drilled holes of predetermined diameters and depths.

Caissons are capable of supporting high, concentrated loads such as those of custom hillside homes and commercial buildings.


During excavation, shoring systems primarily prevent collapse as well as provide safety for workers in a excavation site so that construction can proceed unhindered.

The experts at PG Shoring and Drilling are able to engineer a wide range of shoring strategies, from 5 feet high for the smallest projects to up to 100 feet high for larger projects, for either commercial or residential site development projects.

Because PG Shoring and Drilling can provide shoring services in combination, you can be assured that the transition between these highly interdependent trades is smooth, less complicated, and cost-effective. PG Shoring and Drilling also offers competitive pricing for all materials essential to the shoring process.


In order to minimize wall movement and ground settlement, tieback anchors are designed BY PG DRILLING AND SHORING to achieve the highest stiffness possible within economical considerations.  Tieback capacity depends on the vertical and horizontal spacing of anchors and on surcharge conditions.  

A tieback is made by first drilling a hole with an auger and then placing a bar (tendon) in the hole, concrete is then poured in the hole and the connection with wall is made. Different types of augers are used to drill the tieback holes. The choice of the drilling method depends on the soil/rock conditions on the site.


PG Shoring and Drilling, Inc. has been providing quality, cost-effective, and efficient , shoring and drilling services for nearly 30 years, and we take great pride in our work. 

we manage all work related to commercial and residential projects both large and small, and we use and operate our own equipment. We offer convienient "one stop shopping," which encompasses the tasks of design, pricing, and construction.

We also pay careful attention to time management, so you can be assured that your project will be completed on, or ahead of, schedule.

Check out our photo gallery and view some of the projects we have worked on. We know that you will be pleased with our competitive bidding and exceptional service.